Commuinty. Connections. Capital.

f3 | founders, funders and friends, is the premier startup ecosystem that connects UNDER-NETWORKED founders, from often overlooked georaphies, with the resources you need to start, grow and fund your company.

Launching May 1, 2022.

Why we're building f3.

Starting a company is lonely no matter who or where you are. 

Most of your friends and family don't understand what you are doing.

If you happen to be located outside of a major startup hub, things are harder.

If you are an "Under-Networked" founder things are that much harder. 

f3 is community and platform to find your first true believers.
We want to be the first one to validate you, "the lone nut".


Become your first believers.

We want to be the first place the smartest founders turn to to validate their ideas, get unstuck and plot world dominattion.

We help fill in your gaps.

We're building tools, processes and a vast network of 'friends' to help early stage founders close thier gaps and blind spots prior to raising capital.

Level the paying field.

We're building a network of Funders; Indiviudal Investors, Funds and other Creative Capital. They've all self selected to invest in the best diverse founders.

f3 is a founder first community.

Everyting we do anchors around this true north.

We are built by founders, for founders like you and us;

Under-Networked, often Under-Estimated and Under-Funded.

Our focus is on helping our founders do the following:

Clearly sort and communicate your idea

Refine and prioritize your next steps

Find and access key people and resources

Identify and locate the right kind of capital

Sign-up today. We're launching May 1, 2022.

For Funders and Friends.


Join the platform. Let us know your investment preferences. We'll work to curate the right teams, with all the relevant data to help you make a quick decision.


Angels, Super Angels

Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A

Crowd Funding

Non-Dilutive Capital


Join the platform. Let us know your expertise, interests, availability and motives. We'll work to get you working with our founders in a mutually benefical way.


Mentors / SME's / Experts

Corporate Innovation

Service Providers

Partner Organizations

The wisdom of a global crowd.

We're building a platform where everyone gains value by adding value.

Everyone contributes something. Everyone gains someting.

We help you get your barings, then build a plan.

Get started with a self assessemt to pinpoint your needs. Then connect with experts who can help you make meaningful progress.

We help you find great companies to invest in.

We make it easy for you to meet great teams you may not otherwise meet. We make the interactions simple and efficient for everyone.

We provide a safe space to learn, earn and advise.

Many of our founders need Advisors or Technical and Functional Expertise. If you want to pitch in and help, let us know your skills and services.

Let's build together.

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